Mark Your Calendar – October 30

October 5 is the day of our annual open house and art crawl.

The Guiton Artists Studios will hold it’s annual open house. Various artists will open their doors to show off new works. Among the artists that welcome your visit are Bruce Williamson and Caroline Ratliff.

The theme for my studio is French Quarter: Five Years After Katrina.

I ‘ve had the opportunity to visit the French Quarter in New Orleans several times and things are pretty much back to “normal”. The people are amazing! The sounds are festive once again. I’ve completed several paintings, most of which I’ve painted in plein aire on the streets of the Quarter. I remember the first time I visited NOLA, I had the distinct feeling of being in an old Mexican town with the same Spanish and French influence in the architecture and its people. Yes, this is definitely a people centered environment. I hope you can feel all this in the paintings featured in the studio.

Saturday, October 30th, from 2 to 8 pm. (NOTE EXTENDED SCHEDULE)

Studio 201
4848 Guiton
Houston, Texas

Great Expectations – Figure Art

Motherhood is a wonderful time for new mothers in particular. The wonder of a new life and the magic that it entails is a special time in the life of any woman who has lived the experience.

Autumn Child WIP1

Lilibeth André, Autumn Child, Work in Progress 1

The unique moment when a first-time mother expects the birth of her child is a time to be remembered. Of course the same holds true for other pregnancies as well, a time when a mother feels that special bond with her unborn child.

In Autumn Child I am striving to capture the delicate moment when a mother is at peace with her child still in the womb. The moment when they commune together, bonding as they share the biological vessel and have a magnificient connection between the two of them.

This Work In Progress (WIP) is the work I have completed after the first sitting. It  shows the posed figure representing that special time during motherhood when mother and child share private moments and mothers have dreams for the future child.

I will intend to complete this pieces in the next sitting.

Final “Summer Pose”

Summer Pose CU

Lilibeth André, Summer Pose detail.

How fitting that I have the opportunity to head out to Galveston for a last summer visit to the beach as I write about the final sitting for Summer Pose.

Galveston was hot, even in the early hours of the morning. The walk along the seawall was breezy and I could feel the salt from the ocean breeze on my skin. I had to keep a  hand on my hat to keep it on my head.

The Strand was fun as always. More and more shops are open. Life after hurricane recovery seems to be getting back to normal outside of the markers on some buildings highlighting the water level. I especially enjoyed seeing the big chess pieces are back and some kids were making good use of them. It brought back memories of my kids playing a few games there summers past.

The crowds were very light but come lunch time, parking began to become scarce and more people bubbled up along the beach and the sidewalks trying to enjoy the beginning of the final weekend before school begins and the ‘official’ days of summer are over.

Summer Pose 10

Lilibeth André, Summer Pose, oil, 16,12

And as summer wraps up for another year, I complete Summer Pose with a final sitting.  With heavier paint and final tweaking to the scale and form I can now wait for this piece to dry before signing off on a new figure painting.

Second Sitting and Sketch

Summer Pose WIP2

Lilibeth André, Summer Pose WIP2, oil, 16x12

This week I had the second sitting for Summer Pose.

In this session I worked on better defining the face and added more paint to the body making some corrections to the drawing.

The paint is still wet so there is a lot of transparency of the paint and sheen on the canvas.

There will be another session so I will be able to add more details from the live sitting.

I expect to make final corrections to the drawing. I’ll be focusing on the hand and overall proportion of the body measuring with the model.

Sketch 081210

Lilibeth André, Sketch081210, sanguine conte on paper

Working with my friends from the studio group is always a great opportunity to relax in the evening among art-loving friends. I had missed the previous sessions so I was prepared to just do a sketch since I wouldn’t have time to do an oil painting. Plus I was in the mood to do a drawing.

I drew this sanguine conté on paper of our model. Conversation led to kids going off to college and everyone was able to relate a story. Our model herself had sent her four kids off to college and shared some of her experience with us.

There was much conversation over our next model. Who would it be? There were several candidates and we wouldn’t know until later in the week. It is always someone interesting from the community.

Summer Pose WIP 1

It is back to the studio for more figure painting. I missed the first session so I had to find myself a spot without obstructing anyone’s view of the model.

Summer Pose WIP1

Lilibeth André, Summer Pose, WIP 1, oil, 16x12

After finding a spot I was comfortable with I proceeded to sketch the figure. I decided a 3/4 image would work on my 16×12 canvas.

I completed the sketch using burnt sienna.  I began to block in color while making some drawing corrections along the way.

I managed to block the full drawing and began to make additional corrections. I also enhanced the lights, particularly on the face.

Summer Pose, a work in progress, shows a relaxed model, sitting and relaxing on a warm summer afternoon.

Next, I expect to add enough detail to complete the work in the following session.

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