Quick Block and One More Sitting

Megan WIP1

Lilibeth André, Megan WIP1, oil, 16x12

Having been out for travel most of the month of June, I haven’t been working on portraits this month. Contrary to my previous trip to New Orleans where I painted several street scenes, in this trip to Mexico I gathered reference material but didn’t actually do any plein air painting. And now I am back in Houston and started work on Megan.

I am painting on a 16×12 canvas board with my water-soluble oils. I use these paints because the solvent gives me a head ache and affects my eyes. I’ve been painting with these paints for 11 years now. I like them.

After a quick drawing in this three-hour session, I blocked in color and found my darks and lights. I added the background to get the color in and began to block color on the dress.

Megan WIP1CU

Lilibeth Andre, Megan WIP1, detail

Everything has paint on now and I will return to the studio next week to make corrections and finish with a second and final sitting.

Megan has natural red hear and wonderful skin color. I’ve enjoyed working with these tonalities on this portrait.

Early Summer in NOLA

Royal Street I

Lilibeth André, Royal Street I, oil a la prima, 16x12

Early summer in New Orleans (NOLA) is very much like early summer in Houston but with French Quarter flair!

Just back from another fun visit. I could very easily hang out there for a while longer every time. The people are friendly and creative, and they have a love for living. The tourists aren’t so bad either.

I  found everything to stimulate the senses with visual imagery, eateries and musical venues galore. The French and Spanish architecture and urban design transported me back to the same in Mexico so I felt very much at home.

In my early morning jog in the French Quarter I saw the locals heading off to work, nuns heading off to mass, and the street washers at work to keep the streets in wonderful state for the new day.

The St. Louis Cathedral is a wonderful place to pray and meditate with beautiful Gregorian chants to give you a respite from the troubles of the world.

Courtyard Bananas

Lilibeth André, Courtyard Bananas, oil a la prima, 16x12

I set up my easel and captured several early morning sights. Towards the last of my stay there were a few sprinkles, and the rain that refreshed the evening drew me into the wonderful courtyards with their lush vegetation.

As I share some of the a la prima works with you I am already planning my next NOLA rendezvous.

You can see more at my website. (The upload has been temporarily delayed due to technical difficulties with the web host service provider. I expect these glitches to be fixed soon)

A La Prima To Close Off May

The last May sitting for the portrait class with William Kalwick was fun. I created this a la prima portrait of Tom before closing the month of May.

Tom II

Lilibeth André, Tom II, oil a la prima, 16x12

The pose was similar to the one I had done earlier in the month (see previous May posts) but the lighting was different and I was able to get my colors down on the first try – a la prima!

The result of the work is a fresh portrait of Tom with no overworking and wonderful clean color.

Off to the next one!

Viva Italia and Street Painting

When the Center for Hearing and Speech asked me to join them and create a classic Italian street painting for Channel 11, Great Day Houston morning show, I said yes! I was excited to be a part of the show featuring “Viva Italia”, a show highlighting the Italian Festival and all things Italian, like art! I immediately began to search for the best piece of art for the 8 foot by 8 foot space.

VC-Ch11 07

Lilibeth André recreates piece by Raphael

I found it! I had recently read that a small portrait was confirmed to be the last piece by Raphael, a wonderful master of Renaissance art, and one of my favorite painters. His work portrays many madonna and child compositions as well as several portraits. This piece is thought to have been a study for a larger project. I thought it was the perfect piece to share with the audience.

As part of the program, I had the pleasure of meeting Debra Duncan who is very creative herself. It was great to participate and I had a lot of fun sharing a little bit of art on the show.


Lilibeth André street art progression

Here is a link to the show “Viva Italia”.

You can see the progression of the work at my website although due to technical difficulties with my web service provider, I am not able to upload my update at this time but hope they will fix the glitch very soon.

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