WIP3 And The Princess

Princess Show

Lilibeth André, The Princess, graphite on paper

The TEAM ART exhibition opened at Rice University’s Media Center. This is the annual student show. I was proud to hang with these very talented students and enjoyed working with them too.

The reception was enjoyable. A wonderful variety of artwork from sculpture to drawings was displayed. The exhibition continues through May. If you stop by look for The Princess on the second level. Pick up a show guide. I’m on the ‘right’ wall, number 20. And enjoy the show!

This graphite drawing was one of the pieces I did in a figure drawing class I took in the fall with Darra Keeton. Darra is a wonderful and high energy artist. She was able to charge us up and pushed, pushed, pushed! We worked with a new figure model each week, put in some tremendous physical work at the easel and left the class fearless.

Detail, The Princess

Detail, Lilibeth André, The Princess

For the drawing we asked the model to wear a gown. I had the privilege of setting up the pose and took on the challenge of perspective. Criteria for the day was: small drawing with hard pencil. Needless to say, my favorite part of the drawing was the hand.

This week I had the pleasure to join some friends in celebration of MECA’s wonderful achievements. The work they do to promote the arts in the community and the kids that flourish with their support is amazing!  MECA is indeed Multicultural Education and Counseling Through The Arts! Visit them and see for yourself. Better yet, volunteer!

In my portrait class with William Kalwick I continue to work on Woman With Basket. This is the third session and I’ve made considerable progress.

In this session I focused on adding light. I began to prepare for the last sitting where I expect to make the last detail work on the figure. I also made additional changes to the positioning of the legs and feet. I recalled the various positions I had seen and from my artist memory chose the one I liked the best based on what I had originally drawn on the canvas.


Lilibeth André, Woman with Basket, WIP 3

The detail I show here gives you a better idea on what was accomplished in this third session. More work on the face for definition without losing the shadow. Work on the hands, and of course, the basket. A little correction on the hat and now the dress has light. I’m still undecided on the hair.

Did you notice I removed her left foot? It was a matter of geometry and scale. In this case, the third change was the charm. This change allowed me to make the proper corrections to the skirt.

There is a bug on her hat. No, I didn’t add a but, that’s a real bug on the painting. I took the board out to the yard to get some nice light for the photo. One thing you discover in Houston is that bugs of all sizes, especially the flying types, just love fresh paint. So enjoy the detail, bug and all.

WWB WIP3 detail

Detail, Lilibeth André, Woman With Basket


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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