Playing Catch-up

I missed the first portrait class with William Kalwick this month but quickly caught up with my drawing and color block-in.

Rodeo Gal WIP 1

Lilibeth André, Rodeo Gal, Work in Progress 1

This month marks my second year with Bill.  I enjoy the class very much and have learned a tremendous amount making me a happy portrait artist. What I enjoy about Bill’s class is that he is not out to create a clone of himself. He respects the raw material in each artist and works with that to enhance the artist’s skills depending on where each individual is coming from. Everyone is already an experienced artist wanting to work on portrait painting in oil. He tailors his teachings to each student. Needless to say I enjoy Bill’s artwork. That is why I chose to study under him. I’m very fortunate he lives here in Houston.

In Rodeo Gal, I chose a pose that I hope reflects some of the model’s attitude. My goal in this session was to prepare the work for drawing correction in the next session.

All my work done in this class is painted live. I consider this one of the important elements of the class: to learn to see. I believe that once I learn to see, I can access that information from my painting memory as an important and valuable asset.

Spring Motherhood WIP1

Lilibeth André, Spring Motherhood, Work in Progress 1

With the Markos Group I started Spring Motherhood. I took the liberty to change up the background from the usual backdrop. Our sitters for this group are typically members of the community.

So we’ve had a chef, a sheriff, a donut maker, a mayor, and an accountant sitting for our group. We’ve also shared family and friends, and when in desperate need, posed ourselves for the group. All for the good of the group of course. The sacrifice comes in not being able to paint when on the model dais, and that is why we are there, to paint.

We have found it is difficult to pose and paint at the same time but it can be done. It is also good practice for plein aire figure painting.


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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