Work Progress in January 2010

I am indeed back in the swing of things as I mentioned in my past post. I hope that you are too and that things are swiftly going your way.

Kristina WIP2

Lilibeth André, Kristina 2010, Work in Progress 2.

First, I begin by sharing my work in progress for Kristina 2010.  I met Kristina about a year ago when she posed for our class. An experienced mode, she is good and has worked with group sittings.  She is a willing subject and does a great job, despite her sniffles this week which didn’t affect her work.

You’ll see progress defining features. I fine tuned some areas to get a better likeness. I also did more of the background fill. This portrait is still not there yet but I’m feeling comfortable with likeness and the color. Maybe I will get there this week.

As part of studio night, we began to paint an old classmate. He is a wonderful model. No wiggles, not wanting to be entertained by us with conversation, and he maintains the pose in an excellent fashion.

This is the Markos Group. We are old buddies. We lost one of our members last year actually but we continue to work together although we miss him. He would say to keep working. We do.

We share a portrait model and spend Thurday night with nice music, sometimes sweets, coffee or wine. We paint away for three hours. I typically focus on the face. Sometimes we may splurge and hire a figure model. We catch up on the breaks and share our adventures with the brush, sometimes more like published work or certain sales that come with a story. We admire each other’s work. We tell a few jokes. Then, it’s back to our liaison with the brush and our canvas.

Maine Man WIP 1

Lilibeth André, Maine Man WIP 1.

Typically, we do three sittings with the model but have done two or one, depending on their availability. These are all people from our community. They are not professionals. The goal is to exercise at the easel with the brush. And this being Houston, we have had the pleasure of painting a variety of people from various ethnic and age groups.

And to close, I share with you part of my studio work. I have this work in progress. It is for my Mexico series and it is my second attempt with this old woman. In the first, I was including some of her finished work around her.

LA at Studio WIP 011710

Lilibeth André at studio with WIP 1

I looked at the canvas for a few days. After observing the preliminary drawing and block-in, I wasn’t pleased. I felt that what I was after was reflecting her love of embroidery. I wanted to bring that out along with her focus, her peaceful concentration, the beauty of her features and color. So I flipped the board and focused on her. Here I am with the new block-in as I prepare to correct the drawing.

About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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