Via Colori 2009 a Success!

November 21 & 22, 2009. Houston, Texas. Mark your calendar and come see my new temporary art created especially for this year’s Via Colori, downtown at Sam Houston Park on Bagby and Allen Parkway.

Finished artwork at Houston Via Colori 2009

Lilibeth with her David, Photo by my friend Michael Ann Belin.

Well we were rained out on Saturday. I left home. The rain had stopped but once I got downtown the little drizzle began. We expected sunshine by noon but the sun did not come out to play. Had a good time catching up with some of the artists and after lunch, decided it was best to take care of other things and be back on Sunday.

Sunday, as you can see from the photos, was an entirely different story. With only a few clouds here and there, the day was beautiful. Hundreds of people came by to experience the artowrk and the festival environment with live music and great food. Over 150 artists turned out to paint the via with color.

Enjoy my interpretation of Michael Angelo’s David, my favorite sculpture of all time. My goal was to bring “life” into the marble sculpture and make it my own. I had help this year. I trained a non artiste to paint sky and he did very well.

I once again had the pleasure of painting the square for KUHF 88.7 FM Houston Public Radio. Thank you guys for sponsoring this square! See more photos of my Via Colori project at

Let me know if you like it.


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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2 Responses to Via Colori 2009 a Success!

  1. Tracy says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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