Christmas Art

Sitting Santa

Lilibeth André, Santa Claus 08, 24x18, Oil

This retired gentleman is a professional Santa. From law practice as a profession to retirement and making people smile, he puts on the velvet clothes and visits little people and old, wherever they may be. He is no stranger to hospitals and special celebrations. I was glad to meet him and enjoyed painting his portrait.

He walked into the studio as is with a hand-carved cane in hand. He was a lot smaller than I remembered.

A part of him reminded me…of my grandfather, particularly when he’d steal a glance off pose. I would see a familiar twinkle in his eye. There was a trace of a grin and back into the pose he would go. Maybe it was the kid in me but I did find something very familiar about him.

May your Holidays be merry and warm. May the new year be bountiful and full of peace and love.

Heron Park

Park Entrance

Lilibeth André, "Heron Park I", 12x16, Oil.

Here is one of the landscapes I painted. This is the entrance to Heron Park, a small public area where three ecosystems come together. This park is an example of the great natural environments that abound within a short drive from downtown Houston. The park is a perfect example of prairie, savannah and estuary where egrets, herons and many song birds can be seen. I also saw a great blue heron standing very still by the edge of the water.

The morning was overcast. Quite a bit of fog had set in overnight. Luckily it wasn’t raining although rain water still puddled the path. I set up my easel at the edge of the bayou and captured some of the grasses, shrubs and trees in the background in the oil painting. The bayou is to the right and in the background you can see a small bridge across the water. Even though it is winter, we have had a wet and warm fall so you can see some fresh green growth along the water’s edge.

Painting in the Fog

Lilibeth André with a painting

Here I am with one of the completed paintings.

I visited Shoreacres near Galveston. The day was foggy and cool. I saw egrets, gulls, hawks, osprey, a muskovy duck and a spoon bill. Several little birds I wasn’t able to identify were there as well. The marshes were replete with birds finding ideal cover among the still remaining debris on the ground from hurricane Ike. No alligators. Too cool for them. In this area you can find the ocean, bayou, and brackish waters with their related wildlife and flora.

The challenge of painting in foggy weather is that colors are subdued and finding excitement in the piece mostly rests on composition. I had various grasses, shrubs and trees before me. It was peaceful with almost no distraction due to the cool weather and conditions.

Via Colori 2009 a Success!

November 21 & 22, 2009. Houston, Texas. Mark your calendar and come see my new temporary art created especially for this year’s Via Colori, downtown at Sam Houston Park on Bagby and Allen Parkway.

Finished artwork at Houston Via Colori 2009

Lilibeth with her David, Photo by my friend Michael Ann Belin.

Well we were rained out on Saturday. I left home. The rain had stopped but once I got downtown the little drizzle began. We expected sunshine by noon but the sun did not come out to play. Had a good time catching up with some of the artists and after lunch, decided it was best to take care of other things and be back on Sunday.

Sunday, as you can see from the photos, was an entirely different story. With only a few clouds here and there, the day was beautiful. Hundreds of people came by to experience the artowrk and the festival environment with live music and great food. Over 150 artists turned out to paint the via with color.

Enjoy my interpretation of Michael Angelo’s David, my favorite sculpture of all time. My goal was to bring “life” into the marble sculpture and make it my own. I had help this year. I trained a non artiste to paint sky and he did very well.

I once again had the pleasure of painting the square for KUHF 88.7 FM Houston Public Radio. Thank you guys for sponsoring this square! See more photos of my Via Colori project at

Let me know if you like it.

Winter Is Here

A white winter has arrived in Houston and indoor opportunities abound. I attended the opening reception for William Kalwick, Jr., at Jack Meier Gallery, and The Nerd, at Company OnStage.

The calm and content model

Lilibeth André, "Calm Contentment", oil on canvas board, 16x12

I completed the second figure painting of this young and energetic model. She manages to relax into a great pose and here you can see what a beautiful subject she is. As always, the shadows and light are my favorite elements to play with on the board. I enjoyed the whites of her porcelain-like skin and her red hair glowed despite being draped back in a messy bun.

After working with this model for November and December I can say I would gladly work with her again. I look forward to the opportunity in the future.

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