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Markos Artist Painting

Markos Aritst Studio Group Painting a live model

When I decided to offer reproductions of my works I took care to select a local business I was satisfied with. I visited the facility and talked to their staff and techs. I also ventured into creating small prints myself and invested in the equipment to do so using my technical experience to boot. Today, I find myself welcoming the thought of having a little extra help so I can focus on the creative process more and less on the reproduction work. I began searching for an online business that could offer reproductions of my work and handle the whole process from the sale to production, shipping, and customer service. They had to be a quality shop that delivered exactly what I would provide if I were managing the process myself. I searched online and found Upon further researching the site I found three artists I know among the 14,000 members of this online social network and e-commerce marketplace dedicated to visual arts–the largest of its kind. The ultimate test came when I set up my own profile (quite easily) and ordered prints for the final proof-in-the-pudding test. They reproduce the digital image I provide according to the offerings I choose. I was pleased with the results and I was also pleased with the care in packaging. So now, I outsource reproduction and it feels good to have some help to manage the reproduction and sales of my print work.

Every week I get together with the Markos Group, a portrait studio group of artists. We paint a new portrait every three weeks and our models are people from the community. We enjoy a quiet and relaxing evening with classical music and something to nibble on during breaks. Late last year I invited Mayor Cindy Siegel to pose for our group. To our pleasure, she accepted and in January she posed for us for three evenings to allow us to paint her portriat. We filled the room beyond easel capacity and in almost military precision managed to fit just the right amoung of artists to allow everyone to create a representational portrait of our VIP model. Among her many community projects, Mayor Siegel supports the arts. When she heard we would auction the portriats to raise funds for the Markos Group’s parent organization, the Houston Civic Arts Association (HCAA), a 38 year supporter of the arts in Bellaire; and with an opportunity to donate purchased portraits to the City of Belliare, Mayor Siegel agreed that the project was a good cause to help support the arts in the community.

To celebrate the unveiling of the portraits, the Markos Group is holding a reception and silent auction on Saturday, April 18th, at HCAA. Doors open and bidding begins at 7:00pm. Bids close at 8:30pm.

More information at:

Markos Group and Guests

The Markos Portriat Group, guest artists, and Mayor Cindy Siegel.

The Markos Group dedicates this event to the memory of our dear friend William Wong, a fantastic artist and long-time member of the Markos Group.


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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