Rainy Saturday

The show opening at Galleria Lazzara was damp. The rain scared any folks away and Meredith is quick to plan the closing reception. Nonetheless, many folks did come out to see the Flor & Fauna exhibit. I got to meet fellow exhibitors Sarah Kitagawa, a wonderful watercolorist with a great graphic technique and an eye for nature. I also met Chun Yi Long. His work is heavily textured oils incorporating his eastern education in western themes. I enjoyed chatting with Hebe Brooks and Susan Spjut who are also exhibitors. Their work in oil is graphic and incorporates figures in some themes.

The art from my Mexico series attracted locals and fellow transplants with memories from south of the boarder which these works evoke. The figures are strong and peaceful. There is an irony to note the artistic circle between the Mexican artist painting the Mexican craftsmen creating their handywork to feed the creativity of the artist. These scenes are an effort to preserve the culture, the memories and the scenes that gradually change over the years for “modernization” that cannot be sustained.

I had the opportunity to meet Marzia Faggin and Elizabeth Cencini this week. Elizabeth is on her way for another Italy visit with brushes in hand. Marzia and I had a chance to relish on the way that parenting expands the phases of your life. I have always admired the work of Berthe Morisot and Mary Cassat because I feel they capture these well in their madonna and madonna and child depictions.

As the cool rain continues to fall, I am preparing to work on new pieces for the Mexico series. I am in the “mental” stage and entering the sketch process at the moment.

This evening I’ll be attending the opening or Javier de Villota with my friend Victoria Arbizu-Sabater. I look forward to meeting the Spanish artist and seeing his work.

For now I am off to get my to-do list down to size.

Lilibeth André


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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