The Collaboration

Last year, my friend and local author Anita Higman called. She asked if I would anwers a few questions about the art world. Anita was working on her latest book, Love Finds You In Humble, Texas. Her main character is an artists and although Anita took some art classes in school, she wanted to feel comfortable with a few scenes.

I met Anita about 10 years ago. She was doing a workshop at the Houston Writers League’s annual conference. She had several of her books to use as examples as she clearly presented wonderful tips for up and coming writers. I was one of the writers in the audience and thoroughly enjoyed her sensible approach and hard earned knowledge. Today Anita is the writer of over 20 books.

When Anita told me about the book I was very excited. Not just because it was her book or because she asked me to help with my knowledge of the art world but because her story takes place right here in Humbe, Texas. (The H is silent for all you non-Houstonians).

We had a great time together catching up and having some laughs. We both went back to our work and then just after Christmas, Anita said, “The books are in!”

Anita has been generous with me. She has offered me 9 autographed copies of Love Finds You In Humble, Texas. In return, I am including these books in my upcoming Southwest Rodeo Roundup exhibition coming up on Saturday, February 28, at my Guiton Studio. I will offer a copy of Love Finds You In Humble, Texas to the first 9 purchasers of the original pieces in the show. And Anita is on the guest list.


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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