The Artists in Dry, Shaken & Stirred

I have known the participating artists in this show for several years. I admire their work and as I have gotten to know their art better I can say they produce excellent examples of dry media. That is how the show came together. Why not create an opportunity to talk about dry media and show various examples of this classical art form. So we have some work in pastel, colored pencil, conte, charcoal and graphite.

Here are some tidbits on each of the artists. The Dry, Shaken & Stirred exhibition continues through January 31. Contact me for a private viewing.

The Artists

Three of the Participating Artists

Lilibeth André

A representational and impressionist artist, Lilibeth’s work captures the peace and serenity she discovers in the world. She finds contentment and a fascination with color, line and curve. She creates a vision that grounds her and brings her joy and balance. Her work preserves moments of peace and beauty that capture an instant in time calling to escape. She received a degree in Design in 1981, and a BBA in 2002. She is the former President of the Colored Pencil Society Houston, and her work is found in art collections in the U.S. and in Mexico.

Elizabeth Cencini

A native Houstonian, Elizabeth is a student at the University of Houston. She is seeking a degree in painting. She has studied art in various locations in Florence, Italy. While a student at Accademia del Giglio and Libera Accademia di Belle Arti, she learned techniques such as Italian fresco, Roman Byzantine mosaics, figure drawing and the master techniques in oil painting. She has also studied with internationally known Master Artist Franco Rossi of Arezzo, Italy. Elizabeth and I met at the studio of Bruce Williamson as we worked a la prima. We’ve been involved in several art projects together. She is an effervescent person and her classical work is my favorite. 

Suzanne Lienhart

Suzanne is constantly looking for subjects that she visually and emotionally connects with…visually may be the values, textures, colors and shapes she sees; emotionally the stories that she feels the subject is telling her. She grew up in Michigan. She received a BAE from Herron School of Art/Indiana University and a MA, Humanities/Visual Images, University of Houston/Clear Lake. She has traveled extensively in the U.S. and several foreign countries. She currently teaches at University of Houston and Clear Creek High School in League City, TX. She has worked primarily in colored pencil since 2000. Suzanne and I met at a CPSA meeting. We later worked on the board together and created great opportunities for our members to grow.

Cam Lu

Cam uses brown French conté crayon on paper to create his classical nude figures. A student of figure drawing, he joined the Houston Art League in 1997 to build his figure drawing. He attended the Houston Artery and has been a member of the Houston Civic Arts Association since 1998, working on watercolor portraits. He is also a member of the Watercolor Society. He has a B.S. in computer science. Cam has been a portrait artist volunteer at Houston Texas Children’s Hospital for the last two years. Cam and I have painted and drawn together. We join each week at the portrait studio of the Markos Group to keep the eye and hand limber. Cam has a fun sense of humor. 

David Pierce

David took early retirement from a long career in real estate finance in the 1990’s and began to seriously pursue the study and practice of his lifelong hobby of art.  He has studied with Scott Burdick, Marlin Linville, and Bill Kalwick.  David’s interest is in representational art, doing portraits, landscapes, still life, and figure work.  He paints in oils, and sketches in dry media.  He has traveled extensively in this country, Europe, and Mexico, and much of his work is based on images from those areas. David is a great art project coordinator and I’ve enjoyed working with him on several events and activities in Bellaire.

Myrna Salaun

Myrna’s fascination with art began as a young child. However, not  until she attended the University of North Texas and decided to major in fine art did she get serious. Graduation resulted in a career as a graphic artist and a semi-pro photographer puting fine art on the back burner. She completed a masters degree renewing her love of art. Fine art has become the pivot point of her life, everything else must take second place and fortunately, she has the time and talent to pursue her passion. Myrna is a dynamo. She’s got a mind that buzzes with art projects and pumps them out from her new home in Wimberly. Myrna has done it all and is a great friend as well.

Cathy Ward, CPSA

Cathy lives on the Texas ranch that has been her family’s home for five generations. She has a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Texas at Austin as well as Bachelor of Arts in Art Education. Teaching art in the public and private school systems of Texas for the earlier part of her career, Cathy now works on the ranch drawing and painting Texas one portrait at a time. Cathy is an excellent artist who works on perfecting her technique constantly. She is experienced and shares wisdom freely. I’ve enjoyed attending several events with her.


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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