Dry Media & The Upcoming Show

I hope you’re coming out to the dry media show I’m hosting in December. You can read more in the Events postings of this blog.

I wanted to talk about dry media. Dry media is the classic art media. It is elementary and pure. Most of us begin our art practice with dry media. Graphite, crayon and colored pencils were my first art tools. They are simple to use and allow experimentation with different techniques. The stroke and pressure provide variations of tone. You can work with the texture of your paper or not. You can mix the media or keep it pure.

Many artists begin their work with a dry media sketch. The simplicity and ease of packaging and use make them versatile and easy to travel with. Other mediums can be added to dry media and alter the effect. Some artists incorporate dry media in their wet media projects too. The possibilities are endless yet dry media remains a pure and classic work tool for many artists. It allows the development of light and shadow to give dimension to the image. It can be applied in unicolor or a mix of light and dark tones, or even in multi-colored options.

In the upcoming show my guest artists will exhibit works in pure dry media application. They have mastered or are experimenting with a technique and apply it to create images on paper or board. These images are representational, creating a realistic image we will recognize as true; abstract, creating a derived image that is independent of our normal reference; and impressionist, representing their subject with bright color strokes and light to create the image.

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About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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