Closing The Year With Appreciation

The 2017 year has been a year that can be summed in one word: change.

The close of one year means the launch of a new calendar. We can take time to look back but only for a peak at the path we’ve walked to get to where we are at this very moment.

We certainly are not the same people that in January began the walk of life in a new year. Change came in many forms to alignment us with the course matching our life path.

Many of us, me included, were waiting for that perfect moment to step from one floating beam onto the next but life said that time was of the essence and gave us a little push. Some of us needed a bigger one.

In this way, I expanded my naturopathic practice with pranic healing to a full-time effort and I began to work with people on their complementary and alternative health and wellness along with holistic rejuvenation as icing on the cake.

My mission has always been to educate others on the many benefits of natural health but it hasn’t been easy. First we must understand that we are a system of systems and that we work in holistic synchronicity. Maintaining our body also includes the support for our emotional and spiritual health.

Love, health and happiness for 2018.

Sometimes, for some, it seems that the learning curve in unsurmountable.

We come from a habit of turning our health over to an expert, someone that can quickly become an expert in us and tell us what’s wrong. This requires many methods to decipher each client, and choosing the methods themselves is another challenge for the practitioner.

So the best tool I have found is to educate the client.

Education is an ongoing effort. Learning about how we work is like learning our users’ manual but as you might imagine, our manual would be quite big if there were such a thing. So the sooner we begin to learn about our body, mind and spirit, and how these work together, the better off we are in helping our body stay on the optimum path of health and well-being. Even if we only use the knowledge to determine our own baseline and report to our health coaches, knowledge about ourselves is key.

Owning part of the responsibility to teach as a health and wellness practitioner I developed Tu Salud, Naturalmente / Your Health, Naturally, an online radio/TV program on CBBA Radio to demystify complementary and alternative holistic health but I can’t do the whole job alone.

So as I close the year I want to recognize two individuals I greatly admire for the investigative work they do, and the sharing of information and experience they have acquired. Both of them do amazing work. They pave the way for me to wholeheartedly recommend that my clients use them as a highly valuable resource to expand their knowledge, their owners’ manual.

Dr. Mercola. He has a broadly informative site, “Mercola“, to share all aspects of health awarenesss. He gives you information to become more self aware and for your own self-management.

Donna Schwenk. She went on the path of self-discovery and found the wonders of cultured food. Today she shares her story and yummy recipes with all through her site “Cultured Food Life“.

I hope you enjoy the two resources and the work of these two health advocates. The learning you can gain will only make my work easier if we should ever meet to help you gain a Healthy Balance but either way, you will be the better and wiser on your own health and wellness.

May the New Year bring you closer to love, health and happiness!


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