“First Place” Said The Text

I was ready to fly to Los Angeles for the 21st Annual International Latino Book Awards as finalist in the Best Health Book (English) by a Latino Author category but Imelda had other plans.

To anyone following the news you would not be surprised to learn of the flooding in Houston thanks to Tropial Storm Imelda. This affected Houstonians in many ways. I was fortunate, it only affected my flight to Los Angeles where I planned to attend the International Latino Book Awards as one of 261 finalists.

Very disappointed I quickly notified my dear friend Nora Comstock I was unable to attend. She asked, “How can I help?”

I texted her, “Let me know how it goes.”

Yesterday evening I was having a late birthday dinner with family. I stopped checking emails. We had a tasty dinner, a good time, took some selfies and then realized it was time to go. We said our good-byes and I drove home with my handsome guy. We talked about our kids. We got home and said hello to our furry friend. I saw the blinking light and read, “You Won 1st Place!!!!!” and I raised my arm in victory and I did that little dance.

Award ILBA 2019sm

So this morning I got a text from one of my sons, “What a cool birthday present.”

Indeed it is.

When I wrote this book I did it with the intention to share my best distilled tips. My objective was to make them easy for anyone to adopt and accessible to everyone, and in the end, leave the reader with a better understanding of what holistic health is all about: a focus on body, mind and spirit.

You can find the Top 10 Tips For Holistic Anti-Aging, A Quick Guide to Rejuvenation From The Inside Out on Amazon. Read it and let me know what you think.

Lilibeth André is a traditional naturopath, transpersonal psychologist, pranic healer and ordained minister. She is an artist and she likes to write. She is mother to two creative and intelligent handsome guys, and grandma to two furry grand dogs. She lives in Houston with her handsome Renaissance man.



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