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Two exciting pieces of news to share with you regarding my book on holistic health.

Cover 10 Tips

My Top 10 Tips For Holistic Anti-Aging, A Quick Guide To Rejuvenation From The Inside Out, has been selected as a finalist in the International Latino Book Awards.

This organization is the largest Latino author awards in the United States. I refer to it as the “Oscars” of Latino authors.

This is a very exciting honor. Perhaps even more so than the first award I received for  “The Lady of The Turquoise Pendant“, a fictional novel I created to share my cultural inheritance through this fictional story inspired on a popular legend. My take is the creation of a prequel to the legend building a forum to talk about culture and customs as the characters live the adventure that presents a princess heroine in a tragic Romeo and Juliette setting of Aztec times.

Cover espanolTop 10 Tips For Holistic Anti-Aging, A Quick Guide To Rejuvenation From The Inside Out, is my first book on holistic health. I wrote it to bring a broader understanding of what holistic health is all about. It targets anti-aging as the outcome of holistic health but not just at the physical level but also at the emotional and spiritual level because in combination we find whole health.

The second bit of exciting news is that the Spanish version, 10 Mejores Tips Para el Anti-Envejecimiento Holistico, Una Guía Rapida Para El Rejuvenecimiento De Adentro Para Afuera, is now available in paperback and ebook.

This version is in response to my Spanish-speaking audience who has been anxiously awaiting this translation.  And here it is!

The idea for this book came about after many years of sharing what I’ve learned with my mom. The funny part is that my basic teachings came from her, and my grandmother. As I grew in my learning I was so excited with the simplicity and almost miraculous results of these practices I began to share with her many, many times.

One day she told me I should just write a book and share the good news with more people. So I did.

The book identifies the tips I believe are the most important to build, maintain and support our anti-aging efforts. Mostly, I present ideas that reduce early aging and help replenish our health and energy by removing barnacles that we don’t need to be caring around.

You will find good ideas and many reasons to understand why they are good for you. It will help you understand why everything is tied together and why the best holistic anti-aging steps you can take are free.

Find these books online and after you read them, give me a review. I will greatly appreciate it because it helps me hear back from you and it gives other readers an idea of what you found.

The International Latino Book Awards take place in Los Angeles on September 21 so stay tuned to hear the results.


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