How To Give Back? In Good Health

When I completed my certification as a Natural Health Professional I connected with over 100 people of my tribe.

I knew I had to do something to make these connections valuable to others.

Tu Salud, Naturalmente / Your Health, Naturally, a program to demystify holistic integrative alternatives for natural health. Created and hosted by Lilibeth Andre on CBBA Radio.

This was at the end of 2013 when I received my doctor of naturopathy diploma. After an adult life of practicing natural healing, completing the program was personally rewarding. However, I knew, as in the beginning of my practice over 35 years ago, I wanted to continue to share with others what these practices offer to benefit your health and well-being. Sharing beyond the individual level began in 2015 when I introduced natural alternatives and practitioners in the Houston area and beyond through a series of workshops.

Earlier this year, I expanded my practice and Healthy Balance was born. I help people find the youthfulness they thought they lost.

At Healthy Balance I bring together body, mind and spirit through the use of holistic integrative, complementary and alternative therapies in a simple and personal way. I work with you to enhance your rejuvenation from the inside out for a more complete and holistic effect.

Today, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to bring you more information through my weekly program “Tu Salud, Naturalmente / Your Health, Naturally”. I look forward to continue to share information to demystify holistic integrative alternative practices.

The live show is Wednesday, at 4:00pm CST, on CBBA Radio online. The program is conducted in Spanish and the English version follows at 4:30pm.

NEWS FLASH: You can now watch past episodes on our YouTube channel. I  hope you find the information valuable and that our guests are of interest. Your questions, comments and suggestions will be helpful to bring you more of what you need. Current programming for the first season promises interesting and easy tips you can incorporate daily, and our guests will introduce you to alternatives you can integrate into your lifestyle.

Sponsorship opportunities are available.


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