Our Face: The Milestones Of Our Life

Youth and the Bitcoin of aging.

Reading Susanna Schrobsdorff’s article on Justine Bateman’s book and where she’s coming from, suggests we should have a value on aging instead of a detrimental devaluation.

You know I agree when I commit to anti-aging naturally myself (Top 10 tips for Holistic Anti-aging: A Quick Guide To Rejuvenation From The Inside Out).

I can vouch for the invisibility concept Susanna mentions having experienced it myself but that also goes for not being one of the “group” in whatever group that may be. The assumption always being that those members of the group are the best thing ever, self-protecting from insecurity with the protective confidence of the group.

Reality shows us that yes, youth is a good business to be in but what about individual experience?

In a world where 50.7 percent of the population is under 40, I really get excited about the value of aging.

Growing up I cherished the older people around me. They were the depositories of age-old wisdom. They were the holders of experience and me being someone who always wanted to be older to attain that “Yoda” concept of wisdom, I delighted in picking the brain of these cherished wise people. I valued hearing their stories and their perspective. I appreciated their confidence in sharing their path with me.

Maybe I got the desire for old wisdom from having young parents who were typically busy struggling with parenting and working. Maybe because I enjoyed the comfortable wisdom of my grandparents. Learning to seek out the older professors or co-workers, neighbors or friends was something I did because I found them to be valuable.

I think the value of aging should be founded on the wisdom gained in your life. The currency of experience. The path that is reflected on our face, hair and body.

Looking at a person can tell us where they’re coming from and where they are. Changing these signs of life travel devalues and strips the badges of honor. It hinders the map.

The signs of un-health can sometimes be a signal that can be modified. These flags can warn us of lifestyle improvements we can make to extend the warranty of our parts and systems.

Aging can truly be reflective of how we have lived our life. It is the map reflecting our lifestye, our emotional response and our spiritual well-being. It is indeed, a graphic chart of where we’ve been and how we have lived our life. It is unique and an expression of our life, of us.

Aging is not a detrimental factor of beauty and youth but an expression of where we’ve been and how we live. Aging comes from within. It is part of how we see life, how we live and what we value.

If we look at youth as the ephemeral objective of value, then aging delivers a richer and compounding value because of the weight of lived experience, the path to self-realization.

Lilibeth André is a holistic health practitioner who is part of the old wisdom percentage of our population. She is proud of all the lives she has lived and the up and down steps she has taken to get to where she is, on the path to where she is going. She is a mother, partner, naturopath, pranic healer, minister, administrator, designer, artist and author who lives and thrives from Houston, Texas.

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