Fixer Of Parts And Other Things

As an artist and healer I have come across fixes that are more than what they appear to be.

My work entails the physical, emotional and spiritual. You could call it the three dimensions of life. It began early for me. I pursue learning things that come my way. It is an ongoing curiosity. Not just to know something but to experience it, through the senses. This 3D learning has brought me joy. The clan person that I am converts the excitement around to showing others this learning and that turns me into a teacher because sharing is a pleasure in itself.

I am not a restorer of art but one day, someone came to me with a request to fix a painting.

It was a large oil painting. The painting was a life-size nude of a slender athletic male. It had been a gift.

The story went like this:

Somewhere around the 60’s two young dancers fell in love. One was from the south. When his career turned to teaching due to foot injuries, he moved back home. His mother, an extremely conservative and prejudiced woman would not allow the painting in her house. She didn’t care that it was art as much as she did not accept the nude body in all its parts.

Her compromise was that she would allow the painting as long as he covered the offensive part. He must paint over it! A can of high gloss oil paint from the hardware store closed the deal and the beautiful dancer was censored for good. With a don’t ask, don’t tell resolve, the “sanitized” piece of art entered the home.

Oil painting received in my studio for an anatomical fix and technical resolve.

Fast forward to the 21st century where I was faced with a challenge: How do I return the anatomical correctness to this beautiful man?

The technical challenge was to work over a high gloss oil-based enamel patch over well cured oil paints, and define an anatomy I was not familiar with.

Here is where I drew from my many studies of anatomy and life drawing sessions. I observed the painting for some time. We got acquainted. I allowed the painting to guide me and show me where the brush should go. Once I saw through the brown enamel, I unveiled the anatomy below.

The client was satisfied. The painting is now of historic value and a part of a personal collection where it is censored no more.

Lilibeth André is an artist and a Renaissance woman. She enjoys capturing life and helping restore it. She lives in Houston where she works from home, paints, writes, and provides remote holistic health consultations.

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