2023 Resolutions – First Quarter Check-in

We’ve reached the First Quarter mark in our quest to implement our New Year’s resolutions. Let’s see where we are and how we can get the best bang for our effort and investment.

What were your objectives for 2023?

Did you want to improve the body? Perhaps lose weight, eat right, find the performance you lost? Maybe it was to enhance your emotional intelligence by connecting to your emotional expression in a more positive way. What about your spiritual connection? Did you want to explore this experience more broadly to enhance your personal understanding of that higher power and how it relates to you?

The motivation comes from the why. Why do we want to make the effort to improve ourselves in these areas?

Do we want to be a better version of ourselves?

Have we realized that we want to be more, or that we have lost some of our get-up-and-go? Do we want to be better than before?

In some cases we begin to see an overall slow down in our energy and our body. Maybe even in our thought process. You wonder if it is the big A (aging).

Aging begins a lot earlier than when we see it on the outside. We may feel the arrival but blame the long nights and days of stressful work. We know we need to eat right but don’t relate it to how we look or how we perform. At least directly.

We begin to search for magic potions at the beauty counter, at the drug store or at the hands of those who can transform the exterior wrapper but what about performance? Performance is not just achieving pleasure. It has to do with how all systems are doing what they need to do to keep our body, mind and spirit in a healthy balance.

What if I told you that the magic potion does not have to cost you but a change of lifestyle, an easy adoption of ten simple steps that are well within our reach. In fact, they are within the reach of everyone. You don’t have to travel high or low. You don’t have to discover the exclusive secret formulas that will cost you dearly. You won’t need a special degree of understanding to discover these secrets or to know the right people.

To help it make it easy to focus on the best areas to achieve wellness and regain what can be reclaimed I have compiled what I believe to be the best and simplest steps to take. In my book The Top 10 Tips For Holistic Anti-Aging, A Quick Guide to Rejuvenation From The Inside Out, you will find 10 simple and accessible things you can do to boost your holistic rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit to make a healthier and more youthful you.

Today you can also find the audio version is now available.

The book is a quick read and you will see that implementing these steps is quite simple. I will suggest the following:

  1. Prioritize the tips and number them according to your best choice. If you want, just follow my format.
  2. Adopt one step a week.
  3. Maintain the learned tip and incorporate a new tip each week.

In two and a half months you will have adopted a brand new rejuvenating lifestyle. Your body, mind and spirit will show you results you will be able to measure and compare to your previous state. Give it a try. All you can do is gain, better function and looks, maybe more. You will be rejuvenated from the inside out with plenty of spare change in your pocket.

Lilibeth Andre is the founder of Healthy Balance. As a traditional naturopath and pranic healer she helps you find the best lifestyle solutions for your needs. She gives back through her work under the Sacred Heart Ministry to help those in need find support and education for holistic health. http://myhealthybalance.shop

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