The Natural Word On The Air

I’ve launched my newest project.

Tu Salud, Naturalmente / Your Health, Naturally is a radio/TV talk show broadcasted online on CBBA Radio. The show shares information about integrative health using natural complimentary and alternative therapies.

Tu Salud Naturalmente / Your Health Naturally went on the air 09/13/17 to share natural health and wellness information.

The goal of the show is to provide information to increase awareness of the various therapies and practices that can help improve and maintain good health in a natural way.

I began to practice these therapies myself 35 years ago. I began to see how they were helping me look and feel better. They also helped me enhance my overall wellness. I noticed I was able to maintain good health more easily. As a result of my excitement, I immediately began to share what I was learning. I continued to learn and practice and helped several people along the way.

Today, I help people find the youthfulness they thought they lost by bringing together their body, mind and spirit using natural and energy therapy. The basis for this practice is what I have learned in the last 35 years.

I continue to see a need for people to better understand their body and learn to help themselves through simple and basic practices. More and more people have gained a greater understanding of good natural health methods but I see many who can still benefit. Through  Tu Salud, Naturalmente / Your Health, Naturally I will bring weekly bits of information to provide easy learning and understanding of integrative health and complimentary practices.

The show airs live on Facebook, every Wednesday, at 4:00 pm. The first part is in Spanish and the second part covers the same topic in English. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. My goal is to teach you something you will find helpful to your health and wellness and help you find a Healthy Balance between your body, mind, and spirit.

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