Our Thoughts, Our Reality

All acts begin with one thought that develops into an idea of action or inaction, right or wrong, good or bad, light or dark.

I recently saw the 1999 film, American Beauty, for the first time. This film clearly gave me a picture of what emotional health is all about.

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The characters in this story are all suffering because of what they believe. These beliefs have sensored them and boxed them into unhappiness. They keep chasing the carrot of their self-created story and their self-created image and keep running into the brick wall of insatisfaction instead of reaching the magic they think is on the other side.

In the movie we see when each of these characters wakes up to their unhappiness. It is not anything new because they have been running away from the empty, unfulfilled reality but we see when they begin to realize they are not happy.

The best thing is that as they each go through their own realization, they begin to know themselves and begin the process of self-acceptance that liberates them. The process is not easy for all of them. It is harder for some, particularly those who refuse to accept themselves fully and continue to hold on to that box of judgement. There is only one character whom I believe has been honest with himself, perhaps all along, and I will let you decide who that person is.

What can we learn from this film?

If we realize that we create our own reality by the way we use our mind we can find the key to freedom.

Our thoughts train us and create our thinking pattern. This pattern drives a rut into the soft path of our mind and once set, we fall into it over and over again.

It is not easy to get out of the rut and create new paths but if we try and try again, we can start to create a new reality. We can make it offer us greater happiness and free because we are the ones that travel our own path. Might as well fill it with action that is right and good for us, and fill it with light.

Lilibeth Andre is a traditional naturopath, pranic healer and minister. She has founded Healthy Balance to support holistic health of body, mind and spirit.

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