West Texas Art

Need a West Texas visual vacation you can enjoy everyday?

Now you can collect any of the recently released prints based on my “West Texas” Collection.

la in desert-13-smWest Texas is a clear example of the old west. The nature of the desert. The open space with beautiful blue skies and crisp quiet desert gives a palette of arid sand, brush and sharp vegetation that morph into golden tones with mineral reds in rock and dry greens lit by day giving life to scenes that remain in peaceful stance. Sharp contrast of color blossoms with rain in an ephemeral span of life. Scenes that remind us of the beauty that nature is in the western part of the state of Texas.

Driving or preferably, riding the train, I set out to capture the scenes that move me.

I enjoy painting in the desert. It is a silent and clean environment baked by the sun or chilled by the wind at night. Life is slow in the desert but also fast when the heat of the sun accelerates the evolution within a pace of calm suspense. Each trip is a beautiful experience I bring back with me in the paintings I share with you.painting alipine-13-sm

Available prints can be created for you in various media and sizes. And if you find you must have an original, drop a note to see if your favorite piece is available.

I hope you enjoy the respite.

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